CBA Land Capital Announces the launch of CBA Strategic Fund I

Sep 30, 2019

Capital raise for $50+ million fund focused on real estate located in actively developing areas

(HOUSTON, TEXAS) CBA Land Capital announced today the launch of the CBA Strategic Fund. Consisting of accredited investors and institutional investors, the $50+ million real estate investment fund will follow a value-enhanced investment strategy targeting mid-to-high teen net annual rate of returns. Planned acquisitions and properties already under contract focus on demand-driven market locations where there is active development of residential communities.

“The Fund focuses on land investments in developing areas with proven developers and homebuilders. Market data and current activity shows these areas are growing and will continue to grow,” said Paul Connor, CBA Land Capital Principal and Founder. “The demand for lot and housing inventory continues to show strength.”

CBA Land Capital reports that $25+ million in land investments are already under contract to enhance the investment partnership’s position to deliver strong returns. 

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